Opening Night of "Crushing Inertia"

A Tale of Survival in the Face of Crushing Inertia
A Collaboration by
Debi Grupe and Linda Maxson

Crushing Inertia — an ambitious 8-foot by 8-foot, floor to ceiling installation consisted of two large masses of colored balls, monochromatic above and multicolored below, and not quite touching — represented what the artists saw as opposing forces in the world.

After a strong emotional response to news reports of the mistreatment of children at the US/Mexican border, artists Linda Maxson and Debi Grupe were compelled to create an art piece that represented the struggle between human freedom and forces that would suppress it.

This collaboration started very organically. It was the heaviness of the situation and powerlessness that I felt when I saw the images back in June.  I expressed this to Linda and from there, the seed was planted. - Debi Grupe

Our collaboration began with energetic discussions regarding what we see as opposing forces in the world. I wanted to affirm — through color, symbols and movement —the restorative power of creativity. - Linda Maxson


What a great opening night!  Thanks to all who came to the gallery for our opening night of "A Tale of Survival in the Face of Crushing Inertia".  It was a pleasure to see all of the interaction with the installation.  Due to the overwhelming response and requests to extend the exhibit beyond the original March 10 date, it remained on display through May 2019.

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