Linda's Largest Ceramic Piece Yet!

Installation Day. This is a short video from start to finish. Read more about the entire project below.

This project started after many lively discussions with collectors who wanted a large outdoor mural for their home. Linda designed a large ceramic relief measuring 14' wide by 4' high. After hours of designing and troubleshooting technical issues, she is finally getting started on the ceramic pieces. Over 40 individual ceramic pieces make up the entire image. 

The first step was getting the clients’ approval of the first draft of the drawing. Linda then created a partial maquette, or scaled down version of the piece (shown below installed on the studio wall). This gave the clients a better idea of how the finished work would relate to the intended space. Shadows, scale and placement of each piece play a critical part in the planning of this large work.

The next task was to enlarge the drawing to it's actual size. It was then placed at the site to check for scale and placement.

It looks great! Now, back to the studio. Since the clay shrinks 10% after drying and firing, the drawing must be enlarged an additional 10% to use as a template to create the individual clay pieces.

The video below shows progress so far (October 20, 2020)


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