Crushing Inertia Press Release

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Palm Springs, CA. – February 1, 2019

 A Thought Provoking Art Experience Certain to Remembered at Maxson Art Studio and Gallery in Palm Springs

Two artists from Maxson Art unveil their art installation during the local Modernism event in February, using their voices to examine aspects of modern life — both positive and negative.

Having become Palm Springs’ signature art event, Modernism Week reaches well beyond the museums, galleries, lecture halls, and home tours. The annual celebration of art, architecture and lifestyle also brings a wave of energy that affects everyday life in the Coachella Valley and triggers myriad responses from residents, visitors and artists. Debi Grupe and Linda Maxson at Maxson Art in Palm Springs, decided to create their own art installation as an empowering statement on one dynamic they see in modern life — the struggle between human freedom and forces that would suppress it.

Their art installation features an unusual set of raw materials — 2400 ping pong balls, 2400 acrylic rods and dozens of painted bases filled with stone. Throw in some fertile imagination, a strong dose of collaboration and expert sensibilities in color and form and the results are astounding and thought provoking.
The installation — titled “A Tale of Survival in the Face of Crushing Inertia” — will be on display at Maxson Art in the Backstreet Art District through March 10th with an opening night event on Wednesday, February 20. Physically, the installation will occupy a large square column, rising from the gallery floor to the ceiling. Timed to coincide with Modernism Week, the installation makes a strong statement on the creative imperative itself — the human desire to nurture, create, express, live freely and prosper.

Asked why she feels compelled to create the art piece, Debi responds, “My intention is really simple. I want to examine individual power in difficult situations. I want to call out the heaviness that I see looming over so many countries in the world and then — using our language of visual storytelling, form and color — Linda and I hope to convey a creative response that demonstrates the unraveling of powerlessness.”

Linda added, “Our collaboration began with energetic discussions regarding what we see as opposing forces in the world. We wanted to affirm — through color, symbolism and movement — that tough challenges can be overcome. For me, the piece highlights the restorative power of creativity.”

The installation will be on display at Maxson Art from the opening night event on February 20th (5 to 8 pm) through March 10th.

For more information, please contact:
Maxson Art (760-989-1467).
Maxson Art is located at 2608 S. Cherokee Way, Palm Springs, CA 92264 (Backstreet Art District).

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