Victor Yurivilca

Victor Yurivilca
Victor and Yaneth Yurivilca


Artist's Statement

I was born in a small town, about 13,000 feet above sea level in the Andes of Peru, called San Pedro de Cajas. At an early age I moved to the big city of Lima to attend school in order to achieve a better education. Though I attended a civil engineering university after completing high school, I left after my third year to chase my passions. I became more interested in knowing the various places and cultures of different countries. This led to my travels in places like Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Aruba, the Galapagos Islands, Chile, France, and in my own country from north to south and east to west. For almost five years, I would absorb every little thing and enjoy every single moment from these wondrous places. 

In the early 90's, I moved to the U.S. because of the constant war and turmoil in my hometown in the Andes. It's during the time I arrived in the U.S. that I began to see opportunites different than the engineering school I attended, and the passion I found was to make jewelry. Not just any kind of jewelry, but instead something different, unique, original, and exclusive. A form of art where I can apply all the knowledge and experiences I had accumulated during my life. A process where I can mix my Peruvian culture with the new cultures I've seen and been a part of. The technique I use to create jewelry is traditional. It is the same technique that has been used for centuries. The difference is that in every piece I create, I invest the time and patience to make sure I create a masterpiece. I wait for the right time to create, it is the moment when I'm filled with energy and good moods. It is due to this that I feel a great connection towards every piece that I make. This work truly comes from inside of me. 

My work is a reflection of my life experiences around the world; a mixture of stones and silver. When I start the process of creation, I have no concrete idea of how it will look, only a general idea. I follow my instincts. I love the notion that what I do is essentially CREATING SOMETHING FROM NOTHING. I enjoy doing what I do, and I like to share it with the world.      -Victor Yurivilca