Ceramic Tile Murals

  • How much do the murals weigh? They range from 17 lbs. (16"x24") to 25 lbs. (24"x24") to 40 lbs. (32"x40").
  • What type of wall can support the tile murals? Drywall, stucco, concrete, brick, cinder block.
  • Are the murals too heavy to hang on a wall? No. If hung properly, with the hardware and instructions provided, they are as secure as your kitchen cabinets that hold hundreds of pounds of tableware.
  • Can anyone install a mural? Yes, you just need the correct drill bit size and the ability to drill through the wall material (concrete, block, rock, drywall, stucco).
  • How do I clean the mural? Wipe with a damp cloth. Don't spray water on the  mural after it has been hanging in the desert sun all day. Wait for it too cool down.
  • Do you install in the Coachella Valley? Yes, if you are located within 20 miles of Rancho Mirage. Installation is $50 for anything up to 24"x32". Anything larger than that is $100.

Live Edge Tables

  • How do I clean one of Greg's tables? Dust with a cloth or swiffer. If you need to remove water stains, use a damp cloth, they dry with a cloth. A microfiber cloth will bring back luster.
  • Does the table need protection? No wax or polish is needed. Protect it as you would any piece of wood furniture. Use a coasters and placemats. The finish is tough. 


  • Does any of your artwork ever go on sale? Rarely. Our artwork is unique and is simply not a commodity item, therefore, each sale is handled individually as a discussion between us and the buyer. We are always open to discussion :)
  • Return Policy: See details in the About section in the main menu

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 760-989-1467 or info@maxsonart.com