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October 19, 2023

After a year of waiting, construction is complete on our home studios! Greg has moved into his new shop and is busy catching up after many months of building and planning.
Linda is not quite moved in, but getting there! 
Mark your calendars and visit us on January 26, 27 & 28 during the Desert Open Studio Tours...more details to come.

Linda's studio and viewing area. 

July 20, 2023

In August 2023, a home came on the market with 1,000 square feet of garage space that could be converted into two studios. Home Studios!! We couldn't pass that up.


We put our house on the market and moved within two months. The house and landscaping were in need of a lot of TLC, so we tackled those projects while waiting for drawings and bids on our studios. These are some before and after photos. The backyard was designed with art opportunities in mind, including plenty of space for displaying art at open studio events. Scroll down to see the transformation!

And where others may see a long block wall, we see a blank canvas!


Over 2000 sq feet of concrete was removed.

Linda couldn't live with the existing gate, so she designed a new one inspired by the ceramic mural hanging on the courtyard wall.


Our roadrunner (above) is the creation of artist, Ricardo Breceda. If you haven't seen his sculptures in Borrego Springs, it is worth a day trip. Over 100 of Ricardo's sculptures are located throughout the park. Visit his website at to find out more.

After nine months of planning, getting bids and picking out fixtures, we are in the final stages of finishing the home studios. The 1000 sq ft space was originally a garage/mechanic shop for the previous owner. One of our first tasks was filling in the 8' x 5' x 6' deep mechanics pit!

The inside of the building has been framed in (below), creating two separate studio spaces and a large storage area. Drywall and paint are scheduled over the next two weeks. Most importantly during these 120°F days, the HVAC goes in after that! 

The front french doors welcome visitors to Greg's workshop. He is waiting patiently to get in and start making sawdust. Linda's studio entrance is at the opposite end. 

When we are finished, we look forward to inviting you all to a open studio  celebration to visit the new space, see new artwork and sink a few putts if you like!

And, yes, we are still going to have our gallery in Rancho Mirage.

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