Crafting a Custom Live Edge Dining Table: A Koa Wood Journey

From Hawaiian Forests to Pennsylvania: The Quest for Perfect Koa Slabs

January 5, 2022

The Koa dining table is finished and installed!

The new owners celebrated by hosting a gourmet dinner. What a nice ending to a great project This piece was such a great experience from start to finish. Share the journey in the video below.


The Koa slabs have arrived and Greg is making a lot of progress on the custom dining table. Here he is meeting with the clients to look at the 1/4 scale maquette, collaborating on the final design.

The slabs are rough cut, which means that they have not been flattened. Several passes with the router and they are finally flat enough for dining! There are still many hours of finishing work left, but so far, it looks gorgeous.



Greg's latest commission for a dining table led him on a treasure hunt for the perfect piece of wood.

Depending on the species, large slabs of wood are generally not too hard to find, but this table is to be made from Koa. Koa is only grown in Hawaii, and because the tree saplings are very tasty to cattle and wild goats, not many trees in the wild reach maturity, let alone grow big enough for a dining table slab.

Of course, he started the search in Hawaii. When he was unable to find it there, he spent weeks searching and calling several lumber yards, and was finally successful! He flew to Pennsylvania, the only yard in the US with Koa slabs large enough for this table, where he found this gorgeous "bookmatched" pair of Hawaiian Koa slabs.

The table will be about 46" W x 100" L and will have the live edge running through the center of the table.

He is now making a maquette 1/4 the size of the actual table. He will try out several different leg configurations and collaborate with the clients on the final design before starting on the actual table.

Stay tuned and check Greg's blog to see his progress.


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