Gratitude Gourds

GOURD GRATITUDE JAR By Kathy Doolittle, Joshua Tree, CA

The gallery in Rancho Mirage carries a collection of Kathy's gourds in many shapes and sizes. Looking for that unique, thoughtful gift? Come in and browse the collection!

The gourd “Gratitude Jar” is a special place to keep personal sentiments and wishes.  Inside the lid of the Gratitude Jar is a tiny book.  The book is easily removed to write down feelings and thoughts.

The book within the “Gratitude Jar” can be used for writing down many things:  what we are grateful for, goals to accomplish, dreams to come true, character traits to admire, and symbols of significance.  You can insert images of family, friends or treasured pets to keep their memories alive.

Because life is challenging, it helps to remember things of real value.  The “Gratitude Jar” is a wonderful place to keep these reminders of what is good in our lives.  --Kathy Doolittle

Contact us to find out what gourds are currently available in the gallery, 760-989-1467 or or contact Kathy Doolittle directly at 661-433-5546 with any other inquiries.