Zen Drums and Boxes by Greg Maxson
Greg’s Zen drums were inspired by combining his passion for music and his love of woodworking. The result is a form of hardwood drum that he calls a "Zen drum". Zen Drums are hand crafted entirely out of hardwoods, Mahogany, Birch, Canary Wood, and Bubinga, finished with Shellac and Lacquer. The sounds are made by the vibrations of the wooden tongues echoing off the bottom and sides of the sound-chamber box. The design of the drums is an extension of his Zen box design, which he took through many iterations to optimize the visual with the harmonic design. Greg’s Zen drums are tuned and keyed to specific musical notes and scale patterns. He chose open pentatonic scales to make it easy for anyone to play melodious phrases. Since every note in a given drum is in the same key as all the others, there are no "wrong" notes to play.