Hidden Allure

“Hidden Allure” a Ceramic, Bronze Finish, and Mixed Media Sculpture will be featured at Maxson Art Studio through winter 2017. The sculpture was inspired by observing everyday objects, both natural and man made, whose beauty and intrigue are often overlooked by people as they pass by them every day. Among these objects, manhole covers and grates caught the attention of gallery owner Linda Maxson; the combination of design and the patina of everyday life were so intriguing.  "I wanted to somehow capture the beauty and deliver the message to 'look beyond the obvious, not only in our surroundings, but in people as well'. Palm Springs provided "grate" inspiration and gave me a chance to pay tribute to the city and the people that gave me the encouragement, support and opportunity to open a gallery and share my work." The sculpture is made of fired paper clay, metal mesh, fiberglass and other mixed media.
Thanks to Palm Springs Artist, Peggy Vermeer; through her creations with found objects, Peggy's art inspired me to look beyond the obvious use of materials and have no boundaries. “Hidden Allure” will be on display throughout the 2016-2017 winter season in Maxson Art, 2608 S. Cherokee Way, Palm Springs.

"Hidden Allure"
steampunk lady IMG_0282

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