Maxson Art hosts a book signing and Photography Exhibition by California photographer, Lynn Doran;
Exploring the World with an Open Mind—and With Respect for the Places and People She Visits

Maxson Art Studio and Gallery is honored to host a book signing and photography exhibition by California photographer, Lynn Doran, documenting her visit to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia.

Experience the lives of the vanishing tribes of the Omo Valley as you visit Lynn and page through 143 pages of photographs, and descriptions of her experience in her book, “OMO”.  Accompanying the book signing is an exhibition of some of the stunning photographs featured in “OMO”.

Lynn Doran, a native Californian, began her life of adventure and creativity in the 1950s, traveling with her parents whose curiosity led them deep into Mexico, pulling a travel-trailer.  Leaving college with a degree in Fine Arts, Lynn immediately started her own company, “Natty,” designing and manufacturing women’s specialized ski accessories, as well as more youthfully contemporary tennis and golf attire.

Success allowed Lynn to leave the world of business and start traveling the world, photographically documenting, selectively collecting artifacts and turning her lifelong-interest into a major motivating factor in her life.  Travel serves Lynn as a stimulant and her creative themes express themselves through ceramic sculpture, printmaking and photography.

When asked why the Omo Valley, Lynn replied, “Since 2000 my quest has been to experience the most ‘intact’ indigenous cultures left on this planet. The tribes of the Omo Valley were some of the few remaining.”

In September, 2013, Lynn set out on her journey to visit the Omo Valley.  Lynn states, “I had no intention of publishing a book, that is not why I took this trip. However, when I got back from the trip and people saw some of the images they kept telling me ‘you have to do something with these’. Then I heard more and more about the expected devastation of the tribes once the dam was completed. I decide I wanted to, needed to, document the beauty of these people and how they lived before progress changed their lives forever.” 

Join us at Maxson Art for the opening event on December 6 from 5pm – 8pm.  Meet Lynn, enjoy the photographs of the beautiful people of the Omo Valley, and purchase your personal copy of “OMO”.  The exhibition runs through December 31, 2017.