Clay Monoprints by Linda Maxson
A clay monoprint is a one of a kind hand-pulled image using a matrix made up of a slab of wet clay layered with colored clay slips. The process was developed by artist, Mitch Lyons (1938-2018). Mitch, over the past three decades developed a truly innovative form of print-making. Lyons worked as a traditional potter until 1980, the pivotal point in his career when he refined his method of printing directly from clay. In 2010, Linda Maxson had the privilege of learning the process directly from Mitch. With a background in painting and ceramics, she was drawn to the idea of creating images using clay as a matrix. The process allows her to combine her love of art and science by constantly experimenting and challenging the medium. The medium allows Linda to build the texture, depth and movement that makes her work unique.