"Crowned Crane"

"Airborne!"  (Sold)"Missing Pieces""Kitty, Kitty" (Sold)"Eli's Robot" (Sold)"Subterranean""Desert Retreat" (Sold)"Desert Magic" (Sold)"Destination Unknown""Destination Unlimited" (Sold)"What Lies Beneath""Desert Babies" (Sold)"Desert Blooms" (Sold)"Airborne II" (Sold)

"City Beat" (Sold)

"Ribbitt" (Sold)

"Carrousel Crashers" (Sold)"Olive a Martini""Forever Palm Springs" (Sold)"Ranting Raven""Airborne" (Sold)"Subterranean" (Sold)"A Day at the Bay" (Sold)"Hunter-Gatherers" (Sold)"Free Spirits" (Sold)"Messenger" 18"x15" clay monoprint"Guardian" 15"x19" monoprint"Destination Unreachable" (Sold)"Shadows Passed" (Sold)"City Vibe", 32" x 32" "Sedona" Hepner commission, Watercolor"Castle Garden" Oil on Canvas

"Tale of a Comet", 30" x 40" (Sold)

"Celebrating Tilly", 20"x20" (Sold)
"Wipeout", 32" x 32" (Sold)

"View From the Tube" (Sold)

"Bamboo-Sunset" (Sold)

"Music Man", Clay Monoprint

"Yellow Squares", 32"x32", Clay Monoprint
"Windows" (Sold)

"PS Retro", 32" x 32" Clay Monoprint

"Navigating the Cosmos" (Sold)
"Kandinsky Study"