Murals and Mosaics

Desert_MuralA Day at the Bay-SFDesert springtabletop 24x24tabletop 24x24x22"Island Fervor", Clay and Paper Clay"Calypso", Paper Clay, Steel"Water Goddess"
"Sun and Waterfall", Ceramic mural, 4' x 6'Ceramic Tile Mural, "Olive a Martini", 24" x 24" Ceramic Tile Mural, "Hummer and Ocotillo", 18" x 24" quail mural Ceramic Tile Mural, "Feeling Blue", 24" x 24" Ceramic Tile Mural, "A Day at the Bay", 24" x 24" Monarch tile mural, 24" x 24" "Birds of a Feather", 24" x 24" Tile Mural "Fiesta", 24" x 24" Tile Mural "Valley of Sunshine", 24" x 24" Tile Mural "Tulips and Irises", 18" x 24" Tile Mural "Under the Sea", 24" x 32" Tile "Lucky Flowers", 12" x 24" Tiles "Desert Sunset", Tile Mural, 18" x 24"

Tiles, Murals & Mosaics

finished hummer yellow hummer ocotillo hummer bottlebrush nebula red Nebula set Retro Orange set Retro Yellow set Retro Green set Retro Blue set "Budgie Buddies", 6" tile "Iris", 6" tile "Zebra Butterfly", 6" tile