Wendy Aikens






Artists Bio 

Wendy's journey as an glass artist began with an impassioned biology student taking a few art classes in college.  Wendy found nature's color and design could be combined in both her chosen disciplines with scientific illustration.  Drawing was her gateway art into the world of painting, jewelry design, card making and finally the shining gem of stained glass.  

She started producing gifts of stained glass for family and friends each time experiencing the dynamic multi-stage process of glass arrangement.  Adding mirrored glass to her work lifted it into a third dimension of expression.  Capturing and incorporating the viewers image and emotions in the mirror, personalizes the art each time the piece is experienced throughout the day.

Wendy's passion for a glass project starts with the concept.  Once a design style is envisioned, a pattern drawn, glass cut, foiled, sodered and attentively assembled into the final artist rendition. She delights in sharing stories of each creation with her  customers representing a unique piece of art for them to take home and enjoy.