Scott Rankin



To me, being an artist is a responsibility of storytelling. What is important is to be truthful in my search, and to bring a sense of beauty to the combination of found materials and pigments used in my mixed media paintings. As is to Folklore, I search for a simple truth, a pure moment, revealed. The stories involve a central character, a Greek figure named Kouros, a classic, simple, almost androgynous sculpture from the past. With these elements I can recreate a world of complexity and intrigue out of the layering of paint, fabric, linoleum and any other discarded materials that call to me. The process is what creates the work, the struggle, the adding and taking away, the refiguring of areas that still have no place in the whole. The art in the end takes a life that reflects our own; the growth, scars, humor, ugliness, beauty, and the sadness, all of which tell us what it is to be alive.

—Scott Rankin

About the Artist

Scott is a third generation California artist. He is an accomplished painter whose work today is involved with a loose, rough, almost sloppy figurative collage style based on "outsider" folk art. There are times when he returns to his roots in Abstract Impressionism. These works are based in color texture, and the push-pull of duality. Scott has been studying art at institutions since the 1970's, receiving a Bachelor of Arts from University of California at Santa Barbara, a Post Baccalaureate from the San Francisco Art Institute, and an Master of Fine Arts from University of California at Berkeley. He feels fortunate to have worked under many important and influential artists of our time, including:

Jay De Feo
John McKracken
Manuel O'Campo
Enrique Chagoya
Larry Jordan
Richard Shaw
Katherine Sherwood
Wendy Sussman
Squeak Carnwath

Ivan Majrakoff
Jeremy Morgan
Dewey Crumpler
James Cambronne
Bob Doyle
David Trowbridge
Kay Armstrong
Bruce McCurdy
Elaine Badgley Arnoux