Arthur Coccaro









Arthur is a life long artist, who selling his work at age 15 to galleries on Long Island, NY. An award winning painter of landscapes and portraits in college, he maintained a studio on Long Island throughout an extensive career in education.

Thirteen years ago, after settling in California, he was trained by two master stone carvers and opened a stone carving studio in Palm Desert, The Sculpt Center of Southern California”. His stone creations, mostly life studies have received several awards from local art shows and have sold extensively in the Valley.

In an effort to expand his experience in art, he moved into metal sculpting and created a metal studio alongside his stone studio. This venture has been very satisfying and rewarding, with his sculptures gracing some of the finest homes in the valley.

“It’s a great satisfaction to shape stone and steel into a vision that appears only to me, with the hope that others will come to love what I have created”.”