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After receiving his doctorate in the biosciences, Ron's career evolved from research scientist to college professor to Director of a forensic science laboratory to business owner, and, finally, to manager in a county health department, the position from which he retired.  One of his avocations in the 1970s involved writing two books for the general public on the subject of insects as human food, Butterflies in my Stomach and Entertaining With Insects.  That endeavor resulted in featured articles in many publications around the world as well as numerous appearances on radio and television, including, “American Bandstand” with Dick Clark, “The Michael Douglas Show,” and two appearances on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. One year he was the featured attraction at the Orange County Fair, performing 26 hour-long shows under the marquee, “The Bug Chef.”

Ron began sculpting clay in high school, an activity he continued sporadically throughout much of his working career.  However, after retiring, that passion for creating objects in ceramic clay quickly evolved . . . first, into creating jewelry in sheet metal, and, finally, into creating jewelry in metal clay.  He began with silver metal clay, and although he still uses it, his passion has shifted to the newer base metal clays, copper, bronze, and steel.  When combined in a single piece, they are considerably more challenging than working with silver alone.  In the past 6 years, Ron has mentored with eleven renowned jewelry artists in bead & pearl stringing, lapidary, silver fabrication, and silver and base-metal clays.  Jonna Faulkner and Hadar Jacobson have been his principle mentors in metal clay, and he will be forever grateful to them for sharing their knowledge, skills, and art with him.

After Ron's long career in the sciences, it is deeply gratifying to now be known as a “jeweler” and as an “artist.”  He is also extremely pleased to have placed second in two jewelry contests, to be featured as a “Rising Star” in an issue of Metal Clay Today, to have four of his pieces featured in two books by Hadar Jacobson, to have another piece featured in the November 2014 issue of Metal Clay Artist, and, finally, to be juried into the Desert Art Center in Palm Springs where my jewelry is now on display and for sale.  In all of Southern California, only two people are accredited to teach Hadar's base metal clays, and Ron is one of them.  Ron is also certified to teach silver clay.