Kathy Doolittle






Artists Statement 

The artwork of Doolittle Designs is a collaborative effort between the wife and husband team of Kathy and Mark Doolittle.  Kathy is a gourd artist whose interests have centered on using collage and wood-burning techniques to create unique and colorful designs.  Mark is a sculptural wood artist.  mark produces unique and intricate organic carvings on gourds that, along with Kathy's paper artistry, create truly one-of-a-kind fine art pieces.  Both Kathy and Mark are native Southern Californians who love the outdoors, particularly the beautiful high desert of Joshua Tree National Park where their studio is located.

Mark's style and approach are his own, greatly influenced by his background in biology. In his artwork, he tries to express the dynamic form of growth and  symmetry encountered in cells and tissues, as well as in whole organisms throughout the natural world.   Without attempting to accurately portray biological structures, he uses organic shapes and abstract forms, like holes and fissures, to achieve the perception of biological growth in his artwork.  Often his aim is for a sculpture to appear as if it arose by the process of natural growth rather than carved by human hands.  Mark also enjoys the use of biological specimens, such as fossils and butterflies, as central features in his sculptures, playing off their form and symmetry.  Wood seems a natural choice of medium, as it is derived from the processes of biological growth that is the foundation of his artistic style.