Pam Burgess





Artists Bio 

Pam Burgess lives with her husband on an inland lake in Michigan.  The reflective quality of the lake heightens the broad spectrum of color that emanates from the sun all year around, stimulating her creativity to explore color, light, texture, and reflection in her art work.

Pam has been immersed in the arts throughout her life. She holds a BA in Communication with a minor in Theater and Art.  Her experience in theater, music, painting, photography and pottery, has helped her evolve into the artist she is today.  

Her most recent work has been in photography and mixed media art.  Neither of these mediums was something she worked in before 2014.  But after getting a camera for her birthday, she found it was a wonderful and fulfilling match for her.  She began to see the world differently through the lens of the camera.  

“Photography encourages me to look at things in a new or unusual way, giving me a new perspective on the way I see the world around me.” 

This medium allows her to see and share with others a perspective that might otherwise be overlooked. Pam also mounts her photos on metal allowing the colors to dance and shine.

Always being drawn to metal work, this was also an easy transition as well.  She was looking for a way to use metal in her art and with a friend discovered this medium and explored ways to create unique and colorful artwork.  She creates "paintings"  using a mix of acrylic, metal, and patinas.  Copper is the primary metal used in her art, whether it is applied to a painting or used to create copper wall hangings. This medium is a bit unpredictable and requires Pam to follow the painting in the direction that it takes rather than being too prescriptive.  

This is what she does for the love of art and wants to use whatever talent she was blessed with in a way that might also inspire others to do the same. 

Encouraging others to use what gifts and talents they have been given, and leading by example is a calling for her.  It's her life's purpose.